Queue This Up: Keller on Green Faith

Photo Credit: Marcus Quiqmire

Have a drive or run ahead of you today? Queue up this thought-provoking audio to make good use of the time. 

I listened to Keller’s November, 2008 sermon, “Can Faith Be Green?” as I drove to Staples last night for some printer paper. Even though I was only halfway through the message by the time I got to the store, I ended up getting the 100% post-consumer recycled paper, so you know it’s good. Seriously, though, this sermon is worth a listen if you:

  • Question whether Christians have any reason to care about the environment
  • (Or) Have a feeling Christians should care about the environment, but can’t verbalize why
  • (Or) Have ever wondered why God bothered to say “don’t muzzle an ox as it treads out the grain”
  • (Or) Would be encouraged by a couple American Christians who are attempting to radically care for the environment in Jesus’ name

This is one of Keller’s monthly free podcasts and you can stream or download it here. You can also access it and other Keller sermons on the Redeemer Pres App.

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