Divine Hope and “The Fault in Our Stars”

Spoiler alert: I’ve tried to write Part 1 of this review without spoilers, because I think this book is worth purchasing and enjoying for yourself. Part 2 is full of spoilers.

Part 1: “The Fault in Our Stars,” by John Green

My literary friend Nick chose this book for our reading group because he’d been told “it’s the best writing I’ve read in X number of years” (I can’t recall the X). When I asked about it at my new favorite bookstore, Manchester-by-the-Book, the proprietor raised an eyebrow and walked me back to the young adult section, just to boast, “I’m probably the only book store in America that doesn’t have any John Green.” A mixed reception. What was I getting myself into?

I was getting myself into a book I never would have chosen: A teenage romance set in an oncology ward.

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