The Chair and the Desk, 12/1/15

From the chair:

107 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, 
for his steadfast love endures forever! 
Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, 
whom he has redeemed from trouble 
and gathered in from the lands, 
from the east and from the west, 
from the north and from the south. 

-Psalm 107:1-3

From the desk:

“Jesus Christ is the word and wisdom of God, the revealer and the redeemer: the way, the truth, and the life. Several points follow for theology from this astounding identification. First, theology must be concerned with what each of these terms represents; it must deal with truth, with ways of living, and with the meaning of life. Second it must keep all three in mind at once…Finally, theology must make the way, truth, and life of Jesus Christ as attested in Scripture its primal and final norm.”

-Kevin Vanhoozer, The Drama of Doctrine, p.xxxii

Usually when you see names like Kevin Vanhoozer, David Wells, N.T. Wright, or G.K. Chesterton in this spot, it’s honestly because I didn’t highlight anything I felt was worth passing on that day (or, at least, anything I had processed enough to pass on with helpful commentary), and I just went back to one of my favorites. That’s not the case today. I am reading this for class, though it wasn’t assigned. Drs. Osmer and Hunsinger encouraged me to read someone I can follow and trace the practical theological implications of their work. I’m really grateful for this invitation, especially as I try to stay with two recent commitments: Study to understand; tell the truth.

This is Kevin Vanhoozer on the woeful division between theory and practice, a question we’ve talked about in class, with an answer from a theologian in my own tradition who I’m excited to affirm.

“The chair” is the one Annie aptly chose for the corner of our living room, and it’s where I am committed to daily hearing from God’s Word–the Word I above all else hope to speak to others. “The desk” is the one by my coffee grounds and spare charger (if I get to the library early enough); it’s where I have the privilege of reading and thinking all day, where I intend to learn for others’ sake.


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