The Chair and the Desk, 12/7/15

From the chair:

“Let those who fear the Lord say, 
‘His steadfast love endures forever.'”

-Psalm 118:4

God’s love does not end; it does not take a break. It often feels like we’re laboring alone, especially when we lose ourselves in our labor, but God has not left or stopped–God’s steadfast love is with us, is working, and “His steadfast love endures forever.”

From the desk:

“It is easy, from a safe distance, to overlook the fact that in under-cities governed by corruption, where exhausted people vie on scant terrain for very little, it is blisteringly hard to be good. The astonishment is that some people are good, and that many people try to be”

-Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, 254

My mind spent most of the day back in the slums of Mumbai, and revisiting this book helped me to do so. It’s really a remarkable work, a three-year ethnographic study of Annawadi, a slum by the Mumbai airport, that reads more like a novel than anything else. In this quote, Boo shares an insightful observation based on her time in the community.

“The chair” is the one Annie aptly chose for the corner of our living room, and it’s where I am committed to daily hearing from God’s Word–the Word I above all else hope to speak to others. “The desk” is the one by my coffee grounds and spare charger (if I get to the library early enough); it’s where I have the privilege of reading and thinking all day, where I intend to learn for others’ sake.


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