The Chair and the Desk, 4/27/16

From the chair:

“Your decrees are very trustworthy; 
holiness befits your house, 
O Lord, forevermore.”

-Psalm 93:5

God’s decrees, God’s desire for our holiness, sometimes these are parts of the Christian faith that are hard to actually get excited about. The psalmist, however, loves these things, and in these short lines makes it clear why: God’s decrees are good because they’re trustworthy. They lead to what God says they lead to. If he says this is the good life, he’s right; he’s God. Furthermore, holiness befits God’s house. God doesn’t ask us to be holy arbitrarily, He asks us–and helps us!–because he wants us to belong, to fit in the family of God. Decrees, holiness, this really is all about God wanting what’s best for us, and what’s best for us is the Lord himself.

From the desk:

“For as much as the Alexandrian theologians may have been engrossed in Greek ideals, the Gospel forced them to abandon the basic notion of Greek philosophy, namely, that in this world of ours man’s ultimate perfection consists in cognitive operations transcending and in a sense divorced from all interhuman relationships. The statements of the Gospel simply were too explicit to permit them without further ado to embrace the extreme intellectualism of the pagans.”

-Nikolaus Lobkowicz, Theory and Practice, p.60

“The chair” is the one Annie aptly chose for the corner of our living room, and it’s where I am committed to daily hearing from God’s Word–the Word I above all else hope to speak to others. “The desk” is the one by my coffee grounds and spare charger (if I get to the library early enough); it’s where I have the privilege of reading and thinking all day, where I intend to learn for others’ sake.

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